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What is PPC and SEM?

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. PPC is a faster way of getting clicks to your website by paying advertisers or search engines, rather than waiting on organic growth alone.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is one of the most promising ways to get your website to show up on the TOP of primary search engine results pages.

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What We Do:

  • Competition research and Keyword placement
  • Ongoing PPC through multiple networks
  • Audience evaluation and retargeting
  • Analytics insight tools with full transparency to you
  • Call tracking & conversions

The Results:

When combined with landing pages and conversion rate optimization, your ROI will be at its best. We have used PPC as a proven way to drive more traffic and get more leads from your website, specifically geared toward your ideal buyers.

How We Do It

Research on Each Channel

We conduct the top research for each channel you use for both PPC and SEM. This way, we know what, when, and how to deliver.

Write and Perform

We create original platforms for your ads: copywriting, landing pages, everything with the right keywords.

Sales and Analytics

Once the sales continue coming in, we use thorough analytics to maintain and improve all your PPC and SEM operations.

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